Journeys have to begin somewhere, right?

By / November 18, 2016 / Blog Updates

So why not here.

It’s like three in the morning, a time I usually try to avoid being conscious for because it’s the time in the night when things get weird. Odd static, sirens, train whistles all fill the empty space, banners fall down from walls, mirrors open up and try to steal gazes. It’s just better to be asleep when all that’s going on. There’s less anxiety that way.

Anyway, I’ve been working on building my website for about two months now, tinkering for a few minutes when I have the chance. It’s going to be the place where I can share the projects I’m working on, all the projects I want to do, all the projects I’m going to resurrect like Herbert West. It’s where I’ll babble semi-coherently (I hope) like whatever this is. I’ll post some writing, perhaps in unfinished, fragmentary versions. Before I can edit the poems and stories into my collection, Tales From the Dead End Road. That’ll eventually be available in ebook, pdf, and really any other document format that makes the issue look good.

I’ll be writing more features, maybe some video game, album, or concert reviews. Maybe I’ll talk about TV too, or whatever other pop culture I feel like I can talk about.

I’ll share episodes of my brand new conspiracy theory podcast It Doesn’t Add Up. And seriously, please check out the first episode on Google Play Music, ITunes, Youtube, or any podcast service using the handy-dandy RSS feed. It would mean a lot to me. I’ve worked really hard on it, and I swear it’s a lot of fun. Some people believe the moon doesn’t exist. Yeah, it’s weird.

I’m bringing back the DeadEndRoad Show. Because it’s been horrifically long. Disgustingly long. I miss it a lot. Finding new music, prepping the playlist, coming up with themed episodes. It was great. I’m also tossing around ideas for other music-related shows.

And the best part about this whole thing is that I’ll actually have the time to do all of this. Crazy, right? I’ve started and stalled the whole blog/website/multimedia producing thing at least three times now. But this time it’s going to stick. I graduate in a month. I’m going to be another unemployed twenty-something. I want to make things while I can.

And it’s going to begin here.

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