The Vinyl Frontier Episode 1: Wizard of Oz

By / November 20, 2017 / The Vinyl Frontier

The Vinyl Frontier is a brand new radio show with a decidedly old-school twist. Every song you hear is straight off a record, the way it was meant to be heard. So grab a nice pair of headphones, or turn up the hi-fi, and enjoy. For this first episode, the playlist is inspired by the… [read more]

It Doesn’t Add Up Episode Three: Time Travel Conspiracies

By / June 27, 2017 / It Doesn't Add Up

This time around we’re taking a look at time travel claims, hoaxes, and conspiracies. Who is CERN, and just what are they up to? Did a group of children lose their legs and meet George Washington? Other topics include: urban legends, advertising, video games, unicorns, and a bunch of other tangents. Also, Tori learns what… [read more]

Persona 4 Golden: Platinum Playthrough

By / March 26, 2017 / Uncategorized

Persona 5 comes out in almost a week. I’ve been waiting for years now. In order to get ready, I decided to try to get the platinum trophy for Persona 4 Golden, one of my favorite games, beforehand. I’m probably a crazy person. I’ve been streaming, and recording when I don’t stream, the entire playthrough…. [read more]

It Doesn’t Add Up Episode Two: The Mandela Effect

By / March 8, 2017 / It Doesn't Add Up

It Doesn’t Add Up returns! For episode 2 we take a look at one of the Internet’s current obsessions: the Mandela Effect. The theory that certain memories that may or may not have happened are part of a larger conspiracy. Topics include parallel universes, false memories, Sinbad, Peewee Herman, and the Berenstain (yes that’s -stain)… [read more]

Stream Archives

By / February 25, 2017 / Streams

Another one of the projects I do is video game streaming over at Twitch. You can follow me there if that’s your sort of thing. I also post the archives as well as highlights on my Youtube page too. You can subscribe there if you’re interested. Recently my sister and I played through Oxenfree, a… [read more]

Shuffle Time Pilot

By / February 12, 2017 / The DeadEndRoad Show

Time for something new. It’s similar to my usual radio show, but with a twist. I let Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky feature determine the playlist, with no prior knowledge of what would come up. I think the result was pretty interesting, check it out. I’ll be doing radio again much more frequently, so stay tuned.

Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch from a Non-Nintendo Fan:

By / February 11, 2017 / Features

The last Nintendo game I played was Wii Sports Resort. The last (and only) Mario game I played was New Super Mario Bros, for the original DS. Despite owning several Nintendo consoles, mostly handhelds, I haven’t played much from their 30-year-spanning catalogue. I grew up with a Sega Genesis, so I played Sonic on my… [read more]

DeadEndRoad’s Anime Adventures

By / November 18, 2016 / Features

This post originally appeared on my now-redundant blog in the summer of 2015. I’m currently working on a follow-up.     I’ve never understood anime. And believe me, I’ve tried. When I was young, kids all over the playground would be talking about Pokemon and Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh. I didn’t get it. I pretended… [read more]

Journeys have to begin somewhere, right?

By / November 18, 2016 / Blog Updates

So why not here. It’s like three in the morning, a time I usually try to avoid being conscious for because it’s the time in the night when things get weird. Odd static, sirens, train whistles all fill the empty space, banners fall down from walls, mirrors open up and try to steal gazes. It’s… [read more]

The DeadEndRoad Show: The Lost Episode

By / November 18, 2016 / The DeadEndRoad Show

A long time ago, in a studio not very far away, I produced and hosted a radio program called the DeadEndRoad Show. Music, banter, weird inside jokes, three listeners. It had it all. The last broadcast was almost a year ago. December 31st, 2016 to be precise. The recording’s just been sitting around, in a… [read more]

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